Sunday, May 20, 2007

'Goulden clinic with the Younghusbands'

I've just heard that the family of Chad Gould is planning to hold a clinic here in Cebu together with the Younghusband brothers.

Now a chance like this is rare for Cebu-based footballers-- participating in a clinic conducted by three mainstays of the RP team.

For sure, there'd be cynics out there who'd say, "what can Chad Gould or even the Younghusbands teach that the local coaches can't?"

To this, I only have this to say; Floyd Mayweather maybe the sweet science personified or maybe unbeaten in 38 fights, but it's still Manny Pacquiao who gets the boxing ingoramus to stop what she or he is doing, to watch his fight.


MikeH said...

Not sure about Chad Gould since he isnt attached to any clubs for the last few years. Thats also one of the reasons why he isnt playing for the national team anymore, but i think the Younghusbands can teach the local coaches a lot. They have been training with Chelsea for many years and they have had many good coaches, coaches that Cebu only can dream about. Everyone should attend this clinic if they got time and if it will happen.

Paul Weiler said...

The Younghusbands can cooperate with CFCIA inc., that would be good for whole cebu football.

Mike Limpag said...

There you go again, babbling about what is good for Cebu. We have here a family, who is trying to organize a football clinic, and will try to invite two of the most famous Pinoy footballers, and you want the two to ignore the invitation and go play with your group?

ronaldo said...

a face or faces that the general public can relate to, or immediately connect to football with, is one other aspect the goulds and the younghusbands can do. an endorsement contract with an athletic company or even a local clothing line plus a billboard or two will easily raise the awareness level of the sport to the masa. remember the spike in the interest of sports like fencing, rowing, tennis, swimming and taekwondo when sportsmen/personalities like richard gomez, bea lucero, monsour del rosario, felix barrientos got endorsement contracts?

how i wish karting champion gudicelli (hope i got the spelling of the name right) was endorsing football rather than gasoline or penshoppe. perhaps USA Sports can up their interest in football to several levels higher by getting footballers as models.

marketing the sport has been left out, understandably because their are more important matters to attend to. but long-term goals needs long-term investments and the commercial aspect of football is something that needs to be developed. perhaps a ways and means commitee in the CebuFA that works only on marketing needs to be formed.

mike said...

from what I hear, ronaldo, the brothers (or was it james only) have or has signed a 3-year contract with a marketing firm. As to what they are marketing, I don't know. I think there is an endorsement deal (or deals) as well.

ronaldo said...

whatever it is they is endorsing, i hope they have outlets here in the philippines and would use them as their product's face in their promotions.