Sunday, May 20, 2007

The CebuFA elections: for fACTION or FACtion.

If I'm not mistaken, the CebuFA elections will be next month. A month after the whole country is gripped (or sat nonchalant) by the recent mid-term elections, the Cebu Football community will select their own.

There are factions and factions within a faction in Cebu Football. How will that play in the elections is interesting. Will all this factions unite and be one for Cebu football, or shall we all utter the first syllable of the word "faction."

As to the current president, from previous formal and informal talks, he has indicated he'd rather be lynched than run again.

Cebu football is one of the most publicized football community in the country. Manila doesn't count simply because about 8 of 10 stories that comes out in the papers comes with a katsing (simulated sound of a cash register).

Stay tuned.

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