I am abandoning this site. I am transferring to

As to the cbox. I may or may not be adding it on for the simple reason that I can not monitor whatevery monkey or assholes like "felicilda, crips, ako12, eman, serna," say.

They attack certain people and hide behind the cbox, these sissies. They even use the surname (guys, there is a thing called an IP address, and everytime you bozoes log in, even if you change felicilda to crips to ako12 to eman to serna and even to p___, your IP address stays the same.")

And its not just assholes like them. I've had many unpleasant visitors in the cbox. And it's convenient. They'd go on, "isog ka bay! sumbagay ta. tabang pa imong lolo og lola. magkita ta aning orasa."

I think there was even an insult to a daughter.

But, their braggadocio is as big as their fear. They hide behind anonymity.

So you are pissed because you lost 0-5? And you are taking it on the keeper? Why?

Maybe instead of ganging up (and hiding behind a cbox) on the keeper, you should gang up on your strikers? Or maybe even your defense (read: yourselves)

Take for example these idiots named serna, he said "hoy ---- bulay-og ka," and this other idiot, who has a brain the size of a pea (redunduncy intended) named felicilda, who said "hoy ___ one on one ta."

Hoy bayot, kung magchallenge kag one-on-one, maayo sad siguro no nga magpaila sad ka no?

It is idiots like them which make me want to restrict the cbox.

Psst. I just called you a bunch of sissies. You know who I am.

So, shall we be staring down at each other at another cbox? (Psst. in case you didn't notice, which i suspect it is, this is an insult.)

Ayaw panghilabut ug taga polomolok bay, diri pa gyud ka sa akong blog manghilabut. Magkita ra ta.


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