The football year ender.

The football year in 2006 started with a ends (or rather a week before it ends) with postponed matches due to seniang.

We have all heard about the brawl and we all know who to blame. The brawlers are innocent, its not their fault. Its the organizers, its the weather, its traffic, its the media, its the janitors, its my cousin off the my mothers uncle to the third degree fault.

Cebu had festivals, Cebu had cheating teams. So what?

What's the biggest story f the year?

What is your biggest story of the year?

Here are mine, and this is ranked.

1.) The Philippines, Azkals, (I remember being asked by the Solar guys why the RP team is named Azkals) winning three of four matches and finishing second. That, my friend, hasnt happened since old guy Ferdy Marcos was running in shorts. The starting keeper for that team is a Cebuano.

2.) The aboitiz festival. What ever side of the football fence you sit, you can't take away from the CebuFA admin the success (here i qualify success with the number of participants) of the Aboitiz festival.

3.) The U17 regional fiasco. I wasn't around to witness the match, as I went home to fulfill a high school promise (Yes, promises are meant to be fulfilled, not publicized in the papers) to attend a friend's wedding. Such wedding coincided with the U17 regionals. I never expected Cebu to win, but I never expected, also, for Cebu to lose that badly.

4.) The SRP lie. You heard it before, you heard it then. The football field in SRP will rise.

5.) The DBC snub. You are the Palaro champion, you are so good. So good that a diffrent guideline is used for the football MOA. If you want to explore this thought, how about this. What right does a group have of criticizing the selection for the national team---presumably the best players in the country---if they can not, within themselves agree on the CRITERIA on selecting the best player for elementary football?

6.) Here is where you make your list. Adios


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