Boys no longer 15 (A.K.A Men's Open)

from CebuFA


November 19, 2006 to January 14, 2007
sponsored by Aboitiz Group Foundation, Inc. (AGFI)
organized by Cebu Football Association, Inc. (CebuFA)
sanctioned by Phil. Football Federation, Inc. (PFF)

as of December 3, 2006 5:00PM

Teams Win Draw Loss Pts GF GA GD

1. Crazy Horse Football Club 3W 0D 0L 9Pts 12GF 2GA +10GD
2. Don Bosco Alumni Football Club 3W 0D 0L 9Pts 8GF 1GA +7GD
3. Queen City United Football Club 2W 0D 1L 6Pts 10GF 6GA +4GD
4. University of San Jose-Recoletos Alum 2W 0D 1L 6Pts 8GF 4GA +4GD
5. University of Southern Phils. Found 1W 0D 2L 3Pts 8GF 9GA -1GD
6. San Roque Football Club 1W 0D 2L 3Pts 3GF 9GA -6GD
7. Wild Cebu Football Club 0W 0D 3L 0Pt 2GF 9GA -7GD
8. Magone Football Club 0W 0D 3L 0Pt 2GF 13GA -11GD

*Cebu qualifying tournament for 2007 PFF Visayas Men’s Open Finals
*11-a-side format, maximum of 25 players + 2 official per team
*maximum of 7 substitutes per game
*Single round robin. Top team will be declared Champion.
*Win = 3pts; Draw = 1pt; Loss = 0pt
*Goal Diff (GD) = Goals For (GF) – Goals Against (GA)
*Tie breaker: (1) Pts (2) GD (3) GF (4) Winner over the other (5) Toss coin

as of November 19, 2006

DECEMBER 10, SUNDAY (venue: San Roque Field, Mandaue)

08:00AM Match #13: QC Utd. FC vs USJ-R Alumni
10:00AM Match #14: USPF vs San Roque FC
01:00PM Match #15: Wild Cebu FC vs Magone FC
03:00PM Match #16: Don Bosco Alumni FC vs Crazy Horse FC

-a must win for both QC Utd (3rd) and USJ-R (4th) teams. Both teams have a 2-1 win-loss
-QC Utd. does not have a coach in its bench during the last 3 games they played
-QC Utd. lost 0-5 to Crazy Horse in its last game
-USJR lost 1-2 to Don Bosco Alumni in its previous game
-USPF and SRFC are currently tied with 3pts but USPF has a higher –1GD
-Wild Cebu and Magone are both winless so far. A win will boost their morale
-DB Alumni vs Crazy Horse, the game to watch. Both are leading the pack at 3-0 win loss
-a CH or DB win will greatly increase its chances of bagging the league title
-others have considered the CH vs DB game to be the mini championship game.


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