Sona bids journalism -– and football -– adieu.

Starting today, Cebu football is one person short, one important (though she wouldn’t call herself that way) cog short – and no, it isn’t about another prima donna.

Sona Mae Povadora -- sports and football beat reporter of the Freeman – is leaving Cebu and The Freeman, to spread her wings on a broader horizon.

An STC graduate, a Freeman intern, correspondent and staff reporter, Sona is a regular fixture in football tournaments (among others).

Despite living in the far side of the city (try Talisay), she manages to be at the USC-TC field (when the matches were still held there) first – a lesson perhaps for those who complain too much of venues that are too far.

When she first started covering football, she couldn’t tell an offside trap from the Venus Fly trap, yet, she has learned to love football (and some of the players have fallen in love with her.)

She asks, “Aaay (that is her trademark), walay football karun? (else I might think, it’s my company she misses, sorry B.)

It is but fitting, that the last report she filed for The freeman, is about football, a sport, she couldn’t understand at first (watching 22 guys chase a ball for 90 minutes gets kind of boring) but has learned to love.

Starting today, Cebu football is one girl short.

Her name is Sona.

Good luck Son.


Anonymous said…
hi mike,hay kron rko nka kita ug chance to visit internet cafe..sus i miss checking my emails everyday and reading newspaper! na touch man sa ko oi as miss u guys even more reli i miss ur company hahay..cge lng im taking this as a new challenge! our training starts next week pa kron we just completed the requirements and we have two days rest..kyog mi sa taga baguio sus mga hilas kaau murag nka tag.iya sa blay! nya ky maldita man sad mi di hud mi papilde noh? cge email mo ha from time to time..miss u pipol!

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