PFF Budget for 2006

(please ask permission from author before you copy and paste this entry)
International Affiliates
FIFA 14,248,000.00
AFC 3,705,210.00
AFF 6,500,000.00

Local Sources
Corporations 5,592,200.00
Government or Semi 1,650,000.00
Private Individuals 910,000.00
Private Institutions 1,500,000.00
Others 4,297,206.00

Total Inflows 38,402,616.00


Local Competitions 8,284,290.00 *(that a lot of moolah)
Administration 5,019,700.00 *(Now thats A lof of moolah for salaries)
International Competition 12,322,975.00
Development Courses 3,635,500.00 *(development what?)
Grassroots Devt Program 3,623,592.00 *(we have a grassroots program eh?)
Centers 1,248,000.00 *(centers?)
Media 240,000.00 *(ding! ding! ding!, media payola)
BOG & Congress 649,720.00
Others 3,881,000.00 *(that's a lot of others)

*question, where is the P20,000 financial aid to each FA, listed?

Total Outflows 38,904,777.00

note: Figures quoted are in Phil Peso (PhP)
source: PFF Manual distributed during PFF BOG
last Feb 25-26, 2006 in Iloilo City

After the end of the year, the PFF will be in the red by some P500,000, can they just not cut back on the administrative expenses to break even?


Anonymous said…
8 million plus for local competitions ? how much went to cebu ? the aboitiz tournament was bankrolled by the aboitiz group, while the festivals and DECS competitions where handled by companies and the city government.

3.6 million for grassroots ? Kasibulan is dead and hung right ? what grassroot program are they referring too ?

1.2 million for centers ? does this include the Cebu CFE ? if so, then does this mean that CebuFA and Mario has received something from PFF ?

240T for media ? Mike, bantug ra naa dyud kay beer budget always hehehehehe.

3.8 million for others ? who is others ?
Anonymous said…
How many people are in the administration?
Anonymous said…
hehehe and 240 nila nga budget........para ra na sa manila.........mahal guro ang beer digto....murag once in a blue moon raman mugawas ang football sa papers.

----as to the admin people.....last time i checked, they only had one clerk........the one that got the boot for the 'clerical error'
Anonymous said…
The money goes straight into the pockets. Not a big surprise actually.

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