CIS Friendship Cup opens this Saturday

he third Cebu International School (CIS) Friendship Cup kicks off this Saturday with a limited field and revised rules at the CIS field.

Instead of offering competitions in the age group and senior teams, CIS has limited this year’s tournament to the age-group level, from Players 6 to Boys and Girls 17-Under — minus the senior division.

“We have over 80 school-based teams coming over,” said CIS athletic director Brian Bedford.

The other age groups are Players 8, Players 10, Players 12, Girls 14, Girls 19, Boys 14 and Boys 17.


Ironically, the CIS Boys 17 team, which has won the past four titles in the age group in Cebu, won’t be playing in the CIS friendship Cup as most members of the team are playing in a basketball league.

“We asked them if they wanted to play, but they said they couldn’t,” Bedford said.

On the other hand, its Girls 17 team, which has also won four titles of its own including the Thirsty Cup, is fresh from a win from Dumaguete last weekend.

CIS won its semifinal match, 4-0, with Presley Cunningham scoring three goals, while Monica Moraza had two in their 4-2 win over Dumaguete FC in the finals. Moraza also got the Most Valuable Player award.

Aside from the Dumaguete meet, the CIS Girls and Boys 17-under teams won the San Roque, Aboitiz and Thirsty Cup titles.

Meanwhile, CIS, will implement a new rule in the tournament, which is addressed to stop time-wasting tactics by teams which are leading in close matches.

In seven-a-side football, goal kicks are not allowed to cross the half court line, and if it does, the kicker is ordered to retake it. During the Thirsty Cup, keepers kept on crossing the line and got ordered to retake, wasting precious seconds in matches that only last 10 to 15 minutes.

In the Friendship Cup, if a goal kick crosses the half court line, a freekick will be awarded to the other team from the spot where the goal kick was taken.


Anonymous said…
good call on that "time-wasting tactic" rule. hope CebuFA adopts it as the standard for football festivals. it ain't fun watching balls intentionally cleared as a tactic by teams with the lead.

but why stop at goal kicks. they should include sideline clearances wherein it's clearly intentional that it was intended as a time-wasting tactic. calls for that could be classified as a "referee's decision".

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