'What clerical error?': Ramos

ASIAN Football Confederation (AFC) women's committee deputy chair Cristina Ramos-Jalasco isn't buying the Philippine Football Federation's (PFF) excuse on why it failed to submit the country's entry form for the AFC Womens U19 championships in Thailand this March.

The PFF submitted its entry on Jan. 3, which was rejected by the AFC as the deadline was last Aug. 31, 2005 yet. PFF secretary-genaral Domeka Geramindi told Sun.Star that a "clerical error of their staff" led to the fiasco.

"How can it be 'clerical error' when there is no document proving that the PFF sent the entry form or intention to compete before Aug. 31? There is nothing on file in the PFF, once they sent it out, they could've have called AFC to check if AFC received it," said Ramos in a text message to Sun.Star.

Ramos, who also advises discovered the mistake last Jan. 20 when she got a fax from the AFC of the final fixture of the tournament and the countries listed did not include the Philippines. She then asked Geramindi was reportedly told "it won't happen again."

Though she could use her clout in the AFC, Ramos said she won't because she has to look at the bigger picture. "PFF is just one of the participants here, I won't hold it against the other competitors who did their homework. They (PFF) committed a mistake," she told Sun.Star in an earlier interview.

Ramos also said that the erring officials should be sanctioned and that the PFF issue a clarification instead of blaming the mess on 'clerical error.'

"That's (clerical error) what really happened," Geramindi earlier said.

"This has to be punished, how could they recoup the amount they spent for the training" Kukuni sa sweldo nung nagkamali," she suggested.


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