CebuFA decision

People here is the decision by the Cebu Football Association, as written by Disciplinary Committee chair, Mark Bretherton.
The CebuFA has held two disciplinary meetings with the full board invited to review the incident that occurred between Hiroshi and Crazy Horse Football Clubs during the Men’s division semi-finals of the Thirsty Cup Football Festival on Sunday, January 11th.

These meetings were held on Thursday, 12th and Tuesday, 17th of January 2006.

Following initial discussions and review of the referees report, the organizers report and the referee’s coordinator report on Tuesday, 17th of January it was decided to request written statements from the players indicated in the reports and the management of the two teams.

The reports submitted by those concerned were reviewed at the meeting on Tuesday, 17th of January 2006.

The following decisions were made:
1. Players banned for one year (initial violent offense).

Harold Buot (Hiroshi)
Rommel Cuizon (Hiroshi)
Richard Romero (Hiroshi)
Gary Panagsagan (Crazy Horse)
Francis Parampan (Crazy Horse)
Joshua Fegidero (Crazy Horse)

2. Players banned for two years (repeat of violent offense).
Vermonil Resuena (Hiroshi)
Ariel Cahilig (Hiroshi)

3. Team penalties:
Hiroshi Football Club are fined a total of P15,000 (this being a second offense) and will not represent Cebu in the 2006 PFF Regional Qualifying Games.

Crazy Horse Football Club are fined a total of P10,000 (first offense) and will not represent Cebu in the 2006 PFF Regional Qualifying Games.

Team officials, manager, coach and captain from both clubs are to be summoned to a meeting with the CebuFA shortly. The CebuFA is to appeal to both teams for a better level of sportsmanship and goodwill during all future football tournaments. Both teams will be expected to sign an agreement that states future repetition of “free for all” situations by any team will result in a lifetime ban for the club concerned and the players involved.


Anonymous said…
as in my previous post, i agree on the fines and ban on players. but i disagree with not letting hiroshi represent cebu in the regionals. may i repeat: the team earned that right --- the cfa must think very hard before they deprive the team of their right.

for one, what is the basis (particularly a similar decision) not to allow hiroshi to represent Cebu in the PFF regionals? as part of the football community, we deserve to know this.

even with five less players, the hiroshi squad is still the top 11-a-side team in cebu. and don't forget they earned that right way before the thirsty cup fiasco.

here's another fact the cfa board must take note of:

correct me if i'm wrong but hiroshi, though prone to violence in Cebu games, has no violent record in away games (i.e. in other provinces).

i always believe in the dictum that the punishment must be proportional to the offense. and depriving hiroshi of its hard-earned right to represent cebu is a case of overkill.

(again, i am not a hiroshi fan. their arrogance and tendency to become violent appals me. but a decision bereft of fairness is even more revolting.)
Anonymous said…
mike, who will then represent cebu for the regionals. is it officially USJR or will they form a selection team.
Anonymous said…
Ah, finally they made a decision. Hopefully players from both teams will learn now that getting into a fight wont make anything better, it only makes it worse. And players from other teams will also learn from this. No one wants to be banned for a couple of years right?

When is the regionals, end of this month? I think forming a selection team might be to late. Not much time to prepair.

Banning Hiroshi from the regionals might be harsh, but i think CebuFA did this to show that they take trouble on the field seriously.

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