Banned for Life.

BANNED for life.

For harassing a tournament official and for getting involved in a brawl the players, manager and coaches of Crazy Horse FC are banned from the Thirsty Cup for life.

“As to Hiroshi, we are thinking of a one-year or two-year ban for them,” said Thirsty Cup organizer, Charlie Pages.

Although only Hiroshi and one of the two Crazy Horse teams were involved in the brawl, all their players in this year's Thirsty Cup will get the axe.

“That is their decision, we can do nothing about that,” said Crazy Horse goalkeeper Jesus Singson Jr. Singson was with the other Crazy Horse team which defeated Hiroshi B, 2-0, in the quarterfinal round. Despite being physical, the Hiroshi-Crazy Horse quarterfinal game had no untoward incidents.

Aside from Singson, Crazy Horse players banned from Thirsty are former national team member Joshua Fegidero, Albert Nangkil, Kim Relucio and the rest of their line-up.

Early Saturday, the Crazy Horse manager had an altercation with Pages and Neil Montesclaros after he was refused to change his line-up. A photo of Sunday’s scuffle also shows the manager with a plastic cone, being restrained as he tries to hit a player.

Still, aside from the Thirsty ban, players from both Hiroshi and Crazy Horse will have to contend with more penalties from the Cebu Football Association, which sanctioned the event.

The CebuFA, which uses the Philippine Football Federation guidelines in dealing with such actions, will meet on Thursday, and Montesclaros has promised to submit his report to the board before the meeting.

According to the PFF guidelines, a player who is involved in a free-for-all will be suspended for 12 months, while substitutes and team officials who are involved with get a 24-month suspension.

In the aborted semifinal, a source said that Ariel Cahilig was punched by Gary Panagsagan, who had checked in to replace Joshua Fegidero. Almost at the same time, Harold Buot slapped Albert Nangkil at the back of his head, and was about to get the red card from Kurt Acre when the fight started.

For Buot, his penalty will be tougher. The same guidelines state: “Any player sent out for serious acts of violence will receive an indefinite suspension.”


Anonymous said…
The organizers of the Thirsty Cup should have kicked out Crazy Horse on Saturday, after what they did. Im not talking about the rumble, but when they seeked the officials. A ban for life is too long, its to hard. One year and being kicked of this years Thirsty Cup should have been enough.
Anonymous said…
the big question here is what will be in kurt acre's referee's report. remember that he is a UV player under eddie buot and his brothers play for hiroshi. will blood be thicker than water or will he just write "i didn't see a thing - honest"
Anonymous said…
a lifetime ban from participation in the thirsty cup is the organizers' prerogative - it's their tournament, it's their rules, it's their decision. a 5 year ban from all PFF/CFA sanctioned matches would be justice enough.
Anonymous said…

I dont think Kurt will let his relationship with his brothers and coach influence his report. I think, he will write what he saw
Anonymous said…
mikeH, hopefully what you said will be true. but i am pessimistic because of the professional and private ties between the club and the refs. lets wait for the report and the CFA sanctions. hopefully mike can post the details here.
Anonymous said…
Ronaldo, I hope it is not true because there were rumors during the CAFC tournament last May that there were some negotiation that took place between this team and the referees from Dumaguete.
Anonymous said…
how many meetings are required before a verdict is made?
Anonymous said…
koy, also heard about THAT meeting held the night before the finals match of hiroshi and USJR. that's one of Sambag's worst kept secrets.
Anonymous said…
I really dont understand why they need to have so many meetings. Its actually enough with 1 meeting.

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