Mulbachs finishes third in Ilo-ilo

MULBACHS FC defied the odds as it fished out a third-place finish in the 21st Iligan Fiesta Football Festival at the Global Steel Football Field in Iligan City last Sept. 24-25.

Arriving just after noon on the first day, the team had to forego lunch to catch up with the schedule and despite hunger pangs managed to stay undefeated in four matches.

Madille Salina's strike in the fourth had Mulbachs 1-0 over Marawi, while Vasti Morong scored the lone goal in another 1-0 win over Iligan.

Mulbachs ran out of gas in the third game to settle for a 0-0 draw, and Angelica Cabias’ last-minute equalizer had it 1-1 against Cagayan de Oro as it clinched a semifinal spot with eight points.

Mulbachs’ luck, however, ran out in the semis as it lost before regaining composure and outlasted another Cagayan team in a tough shootout in the battle for third, with first-time keeper Salinas coming up with the big plays.

Team captain Angelica Cabias said she was satisfied with her team's performance, considering that engine trouble delayed their boat trip to Cagayan for hours leading to their late arrival on opening day.

They only had seven players with no coach and impressed Iligan FA president Lloyd Lapinig that they earned another invite for another tournament in December.

Other members of the team are Jore Carl Igot, Gay Walker, Ma. Loraine Allero, and Nyce Jonayon.


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