USC to build world class pitch

CEBUANO football fans have long drooled over the manicured greens of Pana-ad Stadium while dejected at the sad state of the Cebu City Sports Center field, wondering when Cebu will finally have a decent place to play the world's No.1 sport.

Things are sure to turn around with the planned construction of a football stadium at the University of San Carlos-Technological Center in Barangay Talamban, Cebu City.

"We have a plan to put up a football field," said USC vice president for finance Fr. Vic Uy. "Around that we will also have a rubberized oval."

The field, which will be behind their new nursing and pharmacy building, will comply with international standards set by Fifa, the sport's global body.

"We found out that there is a minimum and maximum size for international play; ours will be in between."

Aside from the pitch and the eight-track oval, Uy said that they will put up a grandstand to seat the fans, while one portion of the stadium will be converted into a hill.

"I based it on the one I saw in Australia. The grandstand will not cover all the field, rather one will be sort of a hill, where the fans can sit on the grass or have a picnic while they watch the games," said Uy, the Team Cebu City chaplain during the Arafura Games in Australia last May.

Uy said they plan to start construction as soon as the master plan, which is still being evaluated by their architect, is finished.

The construction of the field could also make USC one of only a few schools in the country to own an international-size pitch and a rubberized oval.

"We will open it to the public, it wont be exclusive for the school," he said.


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