Friday, September 08, 2006

Will upload more pics later

I'm tired. Blogspot is acting up again and taking more than usual to upload the pics.

By the way, the Cesafi season started and USJ-R and USC won their respective games over USP and UC.

Cesafi also barred 18 players this season.

On the other hand, MLSDF, the same program that produced the Carmen boys, launched their football programs in Banawa Elementary School and Camp Lapu-Lapu National High School.

I don't think the USC-SRFC game in the Aboitiz U18 will push through.

And last but not the least, no updates on the Mizuno cheating.


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ronaldo said...

several points.

1. how "depleted" is the UV CESAFI lineup this season ? losing their main defensive players may be crippling but i heard they recruited several Abellana boys during the summer so manpower may not be a big problem. they still have their main offensive weapons in Aguilar and Acre but they obviously can't do it by themselves. Ktec can play midfield while the former Abellana goalie can man the goal but who will play defensive half for them.

USJR looked potent. USJR has the advantage in experience and coaching and are now my favorites to reclaim the title they lost last year. several of their key players has departed though and we still have to take a good look at the new players coach Bono brought in. they still have the 5-6 man midfield formation so it would be interesting to see how the other teams will defend and attack it.

USC has several excellent young recruits but they may have to take the backseat in favor of the senior players. i think this may work as a disadvantage to USC if they do so. standouts from high school like Soriano and Bacolod needs to adjust to the more physical game and they need to adjust fast.

UC's wingers didn't perform well in their first game. coach ramos' tactics are very dependent on wingers. against a flat four defense or a sweeper-stopper formation, UC will resort to the long-ball if their wings won't click. they do have the strikers for it but depending on it too much may not bring the desired results.

USP looked disoriented and obviously lacked manpower but i expect them to regroup and be more competitive. losing Menchavez and having no one as a replacement was their biggest blow. i expect them to recruit heavily next season.

2. i applaud MLSDF and Ceniza. this for me is what grassroots should be. i hope people won't dwell too much on comparing these boys to the Carmen-generation. it's still to early. the constant comparison may bring with it unnecessary pressure.

3 years back, a team i was involved with waited 30 minutes for the Banawa Elementary School Team to arrive in ayala for a P10 match in the Aboitiz Tournament (it had a tournament format then). the referee already called a forfeiture when the team arrived, with their oversized red t-shirts and their lady academics teacher. their coach/trainer was not around and the kids were close to tears for coming all the way and not being able to play. they were late (according to them) because they have to wait for a kind-hearted jeepney driver to let them ride without paying the fare.

long-story short, we convinced the ref to go on with the game. the score was lopsided as expected but watching the BES players and their teacher play their hearts out made the wait worthwhile.

this early, i would suggest that MLSDF ask transportation assistance from the barangays were both schools are situated. Barangays have several multi-cabs so i'm sure they can accomodate such a request.

3. not playing the SRFC-USC under19 match would be a huge mistake. the forfeiture decision was already reversed. not playing the match because the champions has already been declared will show unprofessionalism on the part of CebuFA, USC and SRFC.

4. the alleged age-cheating in the San Roque Festival and the Mizuno Cup will remain "alleged" unless an incident report has been submitted to the CebuFA. the CebuFA, according to their supporters, cannot make any move not unless the organizer submits their report. but what if the organizers won't submit a report. will this just be another incident that we will sweep under the carpet and hope that the issue will die down and everybody forgets such a thing happened ?

i don't think so.

the Don Bosco Alumni and the Queen City "under-age" issue during the CIFC Cup 38-above division remains unresolved. questions due to the non-invitation of CebuFA-member team InterCebu FC to the U19 tournament also remains unanswered. these are "allegations of violations" that should be acted on.

if the organizers refuses to make a report, then CebuFA should crack the whip on the organizers.